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Why Buy Biffs?

Hit your next barbeque for a Six.

Biff’s Big 6 offers you a dynamic barbeque experience, with quality products and backed by the Captain himself – we guarantee a unique barbeque that:

– Lasts longer
– Burn with a hotter flame
– Produce coals that stay live for up to 8 hours
– Save money, as it produces coals instead of ash
– Products are cured for a minimum of 12 months
– Lights easy

Our hardwood makes home heating more efficient and cost effective, but also makes very effective coals for barbequing.

Pizza restaurants, bakeries, home owners, outside event companies and local pubs who use our African Hardwood, are finding that they’re using less wood than before – given the heat and longer burning qualities. Vouching for the quality of our product and their barbeque or fire.

Not to mention, in supporting us, you are supporting local communities and the environment for generations to come.

Do your bit, buy Biff’s.

Why Buy Biff's? - Biff's Big 6