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Who We Are

The search for the perfect braai is Over.

From batting to braaing.

Graeme Smith

With his love for braaing and his passion for cricket in mind, Graeme Smith, former South African Cricket Captain, decided to establish Biff’s Big 6.

Graeme, more fondly known as Biff, for his ability to smack the leather off a cricket ball, holds a number of records. At only 22, he became the Captain of the Proteas – the youngest player to do so for South Africa, if that wasn’t enough, he’s also the most successful Test Captain in history. Showing off his batting prowess, he holds the highest test score for a foreign batsman at Lord’s, but he wanted his legend to burn off the field as well.

Biff’s Big 6 is a brand for the lovers of a good ol’ braai, and with cricket in our blood and braaing in our nature, we’ll ensure that you’ll never miss an opportunity for a braai with teammates

Social Responsibility

Making a better braai for a better planet

Biff’s is a brand that is actively involved in looking after our planet and it’s environment. In conducting sustainable practices, we seek to conserve and protect the environment and the communities in it. Sourcing wood is a much-debated and rather heated topic within conservationist groups. That is why, we at Biff’s have found a way to improve this industry in not damaging the environment for future generations, but to rather conserve it and improve it. We do this in the following way…

Alien Species

The majority of the wood used for our products is an invasive species, meaning it is not indigenous to Southern Africa. These alien plants absorb millions of litres of water needed for the indigenous trees. Water, being a scarce and valuable resource in Africa, is something needed to be preserved, and so we do our part in helping to do so.

Sourcing our wood

We source the wood for our products from locally-owned business in South Africa who source, cut and when required, pre-burn it. We aid in creating jobs for communities, we work closely with our farmers and have secured various farms with 5-year contracts to ensure the stock of cured dry wood and prolonged community support.

We believe in creating lasting relationships with our suppliers, in order to build a better future for our planet together.

Harvesting Wood

Some of the species of wood that we source is not an invasive species, but in sourcing it we seek to only use the trees that have died due to natural causes such as drought, lightning or floods.

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Who We Are - Biff's Big 6