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Biff's Extra Cover Lumpwood Charcoal

Biff's Extra Cover Lumpwood Charcoal

In sourcing our products from local communities in South African, we ensure that the wood is cured and pre-burned.

Our lumpwood charcoal is restaurant quality, lights effortlessly and has an even heat that will last longer than any other. Oh, and did we mention its low ash content?



Our Biffquettes are extra compacted and are made to have a lasting heat to ensure your braai lasts long into the night. It is compressed under a high pressure into a pillow-shaped ball.

The shape of the products allow you to have fewer coals for a great braai.

Biffveld Mix

Biffveld Mix

Our Biffveld Mix is the perfect wood to burn indoors or outdoors. It is made up of Sicklebush, Blackthorn, Yellowthorn, Rooibos and Snuifpeul. Each bag of Biffveld Mix comes with a Baby Biff’s fire starter pack.

Because our firewood is hardwood that have been naturally cured for a minimum of 12 months, it lights up easier, burns hotter and produces outstanding coals for either braaing or home heating.

Biff's Flash (Firelighters)

Biff's Flash

As you know, our products light easily, being cured and dried to ensure your braai lasts longer, thus needing less firelighters to light. But just so you don’t go without firelighters, we offer you Biff’s Flash to kick start your braai.

Effortless lighting, with a long burning time.

Baby Biff's (Fire Starter Pack)

Baby Biff's

Baby Biff’s is the perfect start to your braai. Consisting of kindle, firelighters and a box of matches.

Adding to our efforts in social responsibility, we gather and package the off-cuts of the wood we use for our products, creating the ideal fire starter pack – ensuring nothing is wasted.

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